Insyncheration is distinguished from synchronization (synch):

Insyncherating is done by a user.
Synching is done by a producer.

Insyncherating is decentralized.
Synching is centrally controlled.

Insyncherating is not fixed; any audio can be insyncherated with any video, in unlimited ways, however the user desires.
Synching fixes the visual with the audio, creating a fixed audio-visual work.

Insyncherating is free.
Synching can cost millions of dollars.

Insyncherating is legal.
Synching can be - and often is - prohibited by law.

Watching "The Wizard of Oz" while listening to "Dark Side of the Moon" is insyncherating. Existing video editors like iMovie, Avid, Premiere, and Final Cut Pro already permit and encourage insyncherating. People insyncherate all the time. Insyncheration is happening everywhere.

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